I’m not sure if this photo translates the true colors as well as standing in the aisle yourself, but this gluten free manicotti and stuffed shells has a sickeningly corpse-like pallor, all pasty grey-white and clammy looking.  So to be fair, more like a fresh corpse, really.

I like rice noodles, but if that’s even what these are, a little photoshop is in order.

I decided to head out to the grocery store after my dentist appointment this morning, on Day 2 of my wheat-free adventure.  Day 1 was off to a pretty great start, but by the time early evening rolled around, both of us were texting each other our ailments, each sick as a dog (what does that even mean, anyway?).

He had just spent the morning singing the praises of wheat free life, his perpetual stomach burning, a serious presence in our daily life for the past eight years, literally stopped within the first few hours of kicking wheat. Foods that used to be triggers for him (coffee, cheese…) even when eating them without wheat, have just ceased to cause him the usual pain. And my intense and overwhelming daily food cravings hadn’t so much as greeted me a quiet hello. And I’m certain I felt strangely light on my feet.


So even though I expected it to come, I was still surprised when, after eating my lovely little quiche (hey, I’m no food photographer) and my cut up pieces of uncured hot dog, I felt positively ill. I was a kind of nauseous that fell somewhere between my worst days of morning sickness and a fairly awful hangover. And my husband had it too, only his came with a headache, joint pain, and some odd foot pain too. But he didn’t even eat the .88 lbs of raw veggies dipped in several ounces of brie – see, that’s where I thought I’d gone wrong. But no, this was honest to goodness wheat withdrawal. And it was beastly.

Today was much better. I decided that I need some carb-y gluten free snacks and greek yogurt to get me through this first phase here. My husband said, “The first thing to go is the plan.” Maybe so, but I also picked up two huge salads, and I slow roasted a pile of chicken for our dinner tonight and lunch tomorrow. And tonight, I only had a brief bout of nausea. And he felt great. Stomach pain? “Not a lick,” he said, for a second day in a row.

It may take a while to sort out all the foods we plan to keep around, but we are certain, only two days in, we’re happy that we’ve given wheat the boot.