Well we made it.  We got through wheatless week 1 without any casualties.  Well, except for a round of food poisoning from a bag of refrigerated gluten-free rolls we decided to try (we are empirically sure it was the rolls).  Which means we’re not entirely sure of what accounts for the weight we’ve lost – I’ll save you the gory description of the wonders of food poisoning and its effect on weight loss.

But here’s where we are so far:

As of day 1, my husband’s reflux and stomach pain is literally gone, after years of a daily struggle with it. He said that a tomato he ate whole gave him a faint burning sensation just once during this week, but it was nothing like it used to be, and we think that over time even that might disappear. So we’re hoping he’s now in the process of healing.

My list of ailments is not nearly as long as his, and I think I was dealing with more of a wheat addiction than an allergy. What I’ve noticed for myself is that the ravenous food cravings that had me eating quantities I didn’t want of food that didn’t even taste good to me anymore (pizza and fast food), are truly gone. That is a fascinating turning point for me, as being a working mommy has really taken it’s toll on my energy level and therefore my will power for carb consumption.

And the food I eat now is so much faster to cook than the wheat-based meals I used to make. Late last night, I threw a pan of chicken in the oven and slow roasted it, and now we’ve got a couple days worth of meals mostly finished.

Eating is just easier all around. Vegetables actually satisfy me now, and I’m really into the taste of flaxseed meal sprinkled on yogurt (which turns out to be faster and easier to put together than a bowl of cereal once I arrive at work in the morning).

A week ago, I was also dreading the effect this would have on my mother’s visit this weekend. Like most Americans, in my life, ‘family visit’ is often synonymous with ‘food extravaganza’. But after a week where the option to “cheat” didn’t once come to mind, I’m really looking forward to finding out if I even feel deprived at all.

Bring it on week 2, I’m ready for you!