We picked up half a dozen donuts to eat after our bbq sandwiches last night.  We ate the last of them this morning. This wheat bender is starting to look like a campaign for membership into Overeaters Anonymous.  I’m not sure why I’m not treating myself with my sugar-free whole grain cereals or the whole-wheat bread I always eat, but maybe I’m anticipating that I’ll miss the occasional treat more than I will all that “healthy” stuff I thought I was eating.

I broke the news to my mom in an email earlier this week.  I can sense the hesitation already.  She’ll be coming out to Utah from my home state of Florida in a couple of weeks, and she’s having to revisit all of her cooking and dining plans. Bad timing, I suppose, but I want to take advantage of the momentum while it’s fresh.  It will be a good test.  I’ve even found some restaurants in nearby Park City that are sensitive to the needs of the wheat-free.  Which I will be.  Soon.