What’s funny is that even knowing I’m breaking up with wheat and eliminating added sugars in a couple of days, I still choose an ice cold cup of water over soda.  Some habits can’t be broken, so I’m grateful that I grew up in an ice-water household.

My wheat bender started with Chinese fast food on Thursday.  Orange chicken with an obvious wheat coating, Angus steak and veggies, and chow mein that left me craving stir-fried cabbage sans noodles (note to self: olive oil and cabbage could look mighty good in a couple of days).


Last night, we picked up a couple of pizzas, one with a pile of nitrite-filled meats on top, the other, cheese.  Although the “Chinese food” left me feeling fairly crappy, I noticed that the pizza didn’t affect me much.  Not even after a second round, when I ate the leftovers for brunch this morning.  Some might say that’s because there’s not a darn thing wrong with wheat.  I say, I wonder just how addicted to wheat I am.

I’m beginning to get a little nervous about what lies in store for me next week.

My e-reader tells me I’m 26% through Wheat Belly, so I’ve got some catching up to do if I want to get through it by Monday.  Just in case, I’ve downloaded the “quick and dirty” notes from the wheat belly blog.  Come wheat or high water, I’ll be ready.