It looks like we’re finally breaking up with wheat.  We’ve been thinking about it for years now, and it’s time.

I don’t remember exactly what prompted us to consider it…    A few family members with confirmed celiac disease?  Feeling like crap after eating almost any wheat-containing food?  And then I don’t remember why it took so long to finally give wheat the boot.  Although we haven’t really done it yet.  We’re breaking the news to it after our final Mother’s Day wheat bender.

I ordered Wheat Belly on my Kindle on Tuesday night, covertly devouring Dr. Davis’ anti-modern-wheat rhetoric while hundreds of dollars of wheat-based products sit unwittingly atop my refrigerator, chilling inside my refrigerator, lining the shelves of my pantry and cabinets…  This morning, I gave away the flour.

If the solution is really so “simple” and life-altering, I think it warrants documentation.  So I plan to chronicle my family’s wheat exorcism here.  We’ll share the good, bad, and ugly food choices we make, the solutions we come up with for our little one, as she enters the age of one’s first wheat barrage, and we’ll even try to work up our bravery and post some belly pictures.  We start Monday.

So, I’m sorry Wheat.  You know I love you.  But it’s not me, it’s you.